Repertory 2014


UDA is proud of our excellent performing team for dancers wishing to enhance their performance ability and have more time on the stage. These teams go beyond technique and learn more about style and performance by being active in competitions throughout the year. The Repertory team continues to take top awards and honors each season. There is no audition process required to be a part of this amazing team of dancers. Eligibility
depends on meeting technique requirements and teacher recommendations. These teams are a supplement to technique classes; therefore a ballet, jazz and tap technique class must be taken to be part of this fun group.
During the 2015 season, UDA’s Production of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” earned top 1st awards and top overall production at every competition, outstanding costume and entertainment awards for their outstanding production.


We are very proud of our competitive teams at UDA and commend them on their accomplishments. All Repertory teams will be involved in three mandatory competitions this season.
Competition entry fees for each member will
be due in December. The estimated fee for entry for the entire season is $150.00. The Repertory costume will be purchased in October. Allow around $140.00-$240.00 for the Repertory costume expense. Repertory members will purchase a select shoe. Please allow an additional expense for Repertory shoes. Be a part of an amazing team of talented and dedicated team of dancers. You will love the opportunities and more time to shine on the stage!