The Academy will open fifteen minutes before the first class begins. There is a minimum of five students per class required to hold a class. Ballet is the foundation for all dance forms. Students must be enrolled for a ballet class in order to take a pointe or lyrical class. Jazz and tap classes can be taken only as a secondary class to ballet in order to be placed in the core program.
Classroom Viewing
We have a comfortable waiting area with wireless internet available to accommodate you as you wait with classroom windows for student viewing.
If your child is unable to come to class please call or email the office to let us know. Snow days will not be refunded; however, missed classes may be made up in other levels. Speak with student’s teacher for recommended make-up classes. Please log onto for cancellations. We will also leave a message on the UDA answering machine.
UDA will follow Lincoln Public Schools for cancellations due to bad weather. If public schools are canceled due to weather the Academy will be closed.
Summer Dance
UDA is proud to offer year round training. We feel that continuous training is essential in developing strong dancers. Universal’s summer dance continuous training program offers more opportunity for improvement, achievement and reaching your goals. UDA is also proud to offer students the opportunity to work with guest choreographers from across the country for an intensive dance workshop during UDA’s summer dance program.
Adult Program
UDA is proud to offer adult classes in a variety of class options.
Private Instruction
The UDA staff offers private lesson opportunities for dancers who desire individual attention. Private lessons are customized to the dancers needs and focus requests. Private lesson fees apply. See the office for more information.

Group Photo

B.O.Y.S. "Bust Outta Yo Shoes"
We are so proud to have the studio with the largest amount of such talented male dancers. Displaying their talents in a cool and masculine way has always been a priority at UDA. This class is offered to boys age 6 & up. Come join the all-boys Hip Hop crew and Bust Outta Yo Shoes!
"Wee Go Together"
A class specially designed for 2 & 3 year old dance stars and their adult dance partner. Toddlers may buddy up with mom, dad, or a special friend and explore movement. This class will include all of the skills and activities of UDA’s very popular Creative Movement classes for 3 & 4 year olds however; it allows a parent or someone special to participate in the first stages of their little dancers dreams. It’s a great chance for the child to learn about dance while encouraging a special bond with mom or dad.
"Musical Theatre"
UDA offers Musical Theatre for performers who are Broadway bound. This class will incorporate song & dance while encouraging the Broadway star inside. No previous singing or acting experience is needed to be a part of this exciting class. Come have fun while you explore the musical and theatrical world of the Broadway stage.
"Leaps & Turns Focus Class"
UDA offers a class designed to focus and hone in on specific elements of dance. This class will work on warm-up exercises for each focus as well as stretching and strengthening active muscles needed to perform each technique and therefore enhance the overall focus. The class will emphasize progressive and stationary turns as well as a variety of leaps and jumps. The class will include techniques from all forms of dance. All UCC team members will receive a 50% discount on this amazing specialty class!
Roll on into UDA’s tumbling class available to dancers age 7 and up or with teacher recommendation. This class will work on building basic tumbling and gymnastics skills. Focusing on basic motor skills, balance, flexibility, strengthening the body and building coordination. Come see how we roll!